Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Most of these pictures have been blogged before. Out of the 700 some pics I took on this trip, I went back and grabbed about 50 to post here, just for the memories. No particular reason for the ones I chose here, so if you were there and your pic isn't in this one, it probably was on the larger blog I did last Fall. This may 'whet your appitite" to want to get to the Kentucky Rally and ES again this Fall.
Posted April29, 2009

Ready to roll. Late September 08. The trailer will be delivered to Wild Rose and Ron in Eureka Springs, AK. It's a nice warm, sunny morning here in Coos Bay.

A "fuel stop", time to fill the Butler mug on the way out of town.

Don (VSP) at his favorite Mexican grocery store in Lodi, California.

Don's garage is always interesting. He has others he keeps in a neighbor's garage. He's added a new one to the fleet since this picture too.

That's Elvis sitting on the Edsel bumper. This is on Route 66 in Seligman, AZ.

Carl and Ed Anderson in the Copper Cart in Seligman. I spent the night with them in Kingman last night, they rode out with me as far as this breakfast stop..I think it's about a hundred miles or a little less. The food was good. You'll see Ed in Kentucky in June 09.

Chunk and Jack Foree in front of Jack's Body Shop in Holbrook, AZ. The weather forecast is calling for a lot of heavy rain, wind, and nasty stuff, so Chunk volunteered to haul the trailer to ES from here. He's headed home, but offered to go out of his way so I wouldn't have to pull it with the bike in the bad weather.

Jack, Chunk, and Don Mardle from New Zealand are checking out routes.

Kelly Sprankle showed up on his nice Mean Streak. Jack and Barb bbq'd some nice Steaks with all the trimmings!

Crossing the Continental Divide..I wonder how many times and how many different places I've done this..and on how many different motorcycles and cars. More than I can remember!

Old building in an old town on Route 66 in Oklahoma.

Route 66 between Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Don Exum's pond. He plays a Bass (as in musical instrument) and raises Bass (as in fish)

Don (Bassman) on his deck enjoying early morning coffee with his kitty. He has a beautiful place out in the country.

Some of the best BBQ I've ever tasted. Somewhere not too far from Tulsa, can't remember the name of the town. I think it was getting close to the Arkansas border.

Would you share a room with this guy during the Kentucky Rally? Sort of a scary thought, but no one ever accused me of being too bright Lucky Al was helping with the registration during ES while getting this picture took.

The City of Blue Eye, where you can plant one foot in Arkansas, the other in Missouri.

Skid and Sandy. We stayed in a motel in Branson that had a good breakfast in the room price. It was a good day!

Sorry I can't remember this ladies name, but she and her little dog attended the ES rally. Hope to see them again this Fall.

Jim "Wrong Turn" Ayers.

Charlie "cc rider"

Dueling cameras...Lucky Al and Stewey.

Six Pack Jack.

Diana (Moon), the lady of the week!

Trying to find the O2 sensor on the Wing. The FI light was on from ES all the way back to Coos Bay.

Bassman, Cheap B (or Mr, Clean, my name for him), Skid and Sandy in the "Den of iniquity"


Phil's catered BBQ dinner.

Shelby, Teri Conrad, and Flip. Teri is the REP from ROK.

Teri attacking some chicken.

The deck at the Iron Horse

I think this picture of Stewey was taken at Boscobel, during the naked midnight ride. He promised his wife that he wouldn't look. What a guy!
Brillo was there, but hung out most of the time with a couple buddy's he brought down from Iowa.

Lucky Al is sneaking a peak.

Sandy secretly wishes Skid had chrome!

Mac Guy and Grumpa. It was real nice having others fromt he PNW at ES last year. Hope to see them again. Grumpa (Marc) is the vroc'er that loaned his Nomad to Nickels when he came out to the Oregon rally, since he couldn't make it himself. A GREAT vroc gesture!

Wrong Turn and Coyote. When the FI light on the Wing was acting up, Coyote spent considerable time on the phone and computer downloading a GL1800 manual so we could check out the problem. Here, he just finished installing it on my laptop in the trunk of the Wing. This is in the parking lot of the Inn of the Ozarks were we were waiting for the banquet to start. What a guy!

Mitch is hanging out.

Don, our token Kiwi, and the pin man himself, Badger.

The "best" table! Sandy, Skid, Teri (she's up and about) Slammer, Coyote, Wrong Turn, Cheap B, Charlie and Sherm (empty chair) We had a nice visit during the dinner and raffle.

Mac Guy and Grumpa won their share of goodies during the raffle!

Lucky Al, Teri, and Skid at the podium.

The Banquet food was exceptionally good this year.

Phil and Janie, owners of the Iron Horse Stable. Phil is also a circuit Judge, and holds a State politcal office. The ES Rally wouldn't be the same without their constant support.

The Memorial ride. This is near Berryville.

Moon is spreading some of Kilo's ashes. You can see the small "cloud of Kilo" where the wind is taking him. You may have to click on the picture to see the detail.

Breakfast at Bubba's. This is only minutes after we heard first hand what sort of engine the new Voyager would have.

Thorn Crown Chapel. This is off the beating path in the woods. Some of us stopped for a moment of reflection.

Wild Rose and Ron drove almost all night from Georga to pick up their new trailer.

Just North of Albuquerque. Some little town. I had to stop to buy a rear tire because of a nail, after it was installed I rode up here to have some food with Tinker and his lovely Lady.

Phylis Romo in her restaurant with Jack and Barb. We had lunch and a good visit with Phylis.

Checking to see if California BBQ was as good as the food we had in Arkansas. I'll with hold judgement, until I try more of each.

Don in the Deli back at the Mexican grocery store. I just love this place!

Live Oaks and warm mornings on Hwy 20 between Williams on I-5 and Ukiah on 101. I rode over to the Coast so I could meet up with Pat in Eureka and take my dog on home with me so she could stay down there for a few more days.

The Iron Horse Motel doesn't want you to waste paper, so they have guards posted.
Stand by for ES 2009 in October!